All Jersey Special Gymnastics Club Medal in Poole

Jersey Special Gymnastics Club took 10 gymnasts to compete in the Poole Open Artistic Gymnastics Competition at Rossmore Leisure Centre on 16th October. For 3 of the gymnasts, Isabella Mendes, Isabella Doucet and Rowan Flambard it was their first competition in the UK, and all of them enjoyed the experience and came back with medals.


Anais Martin-Cellier won her group winning 3 gold medals, and Talia Racjan won Gold on Vault and bronze on the floor.

In the U16 level 1 competition the 3 Jersey girls Alex Wheatley, Ella Davidson and Louise De Freitas showed their experience each taking a gold medal.

Harry Sinclair and Jayden Hender both competed at level 1 and the boys won 3 silver medals. Name Level Vault Floor Beam / PBars
Isabella Mendes Level A U9’s Bronze Silver x
Isabella Doucet Level B U9’s Gold Gold x
Talia Racjan Level B U12’s Gold Bronze x
Anais Martin-Cellier Level 1 U12’s Gold Gold Gold
Alexandra Wheatley Level 1 U16’s Gold Bronze Silver
Ella Davidson Level 1 U16’s Silver 4th Gold
Louise De Freitas Level 1 U16’s Bronze Gold Bronze
Rowan Flambard Level B U9’s 4th Bronze x
Jayden Hender Level 1 U12’s Silver 4th Silver
Harry Sinclair Level 1 U16’s 4th 4th Silver