• Application Process

    The One Foundation Council meet on an ad-hoc basis to review applications which have been received. We encourage all potential applicants to meet with the One Foundation team prior to a full application being completed. This is to ensure that the application you are seeking funding for is eligible and fits the criteria of the Foundation. The One Foundation maintain a new interest in small-scale “Grassroot” opportunities of between £5,000–£10,000.

    What do we need?

    As well as your completed application form, we will require: a copy of your organisation’s constitution, latest set of accounts, management structure of the current committee and development plan, if in place. If any of the above cannot be provided then we may not be able to proceed any further with your application.

  • Eligibility

    Please note that we are unable to support the following –

    • Organisation’s which do not hold a not for profit status
    • Individuals wishing to undertake Undergraduate Degrees
    • Retrospective funding for projects which have already taken place
    • Schools or committees (sports, musical, PTAs etc)
    • Organisations which receive more than 50% of their annual income from the Government of Jersey
  • What is a Registered Entity?

    One of the core objectives of the One Foundation is to provide a funding platform for individuals and teams with identified potential. Part of the criteria for selection is a report submitted by the registered entity (governing representative for a sport or organisation on the Island) responsible for the individual or team. For example, all tennis players would liaise with the Jersey Tennis Association regarding their application.

    The registered entity must be:

    • a non-profit making organisation relevant to the application
    • able to demonstrate the presence of a qualified management team structure
    • hold rules and regulations of conduct
    • registered and regulated in Jersey
    • if possible be recognised by a governing body