• Individual Donations

    One off or regular donations are one of the most effective ways that you can help the One Foundation. We pride ourselves in being able to provide clear outcome reports as to how funds have been allocated and the benefit that has in turn been provided to the local community.

    Thanks to the Lump Sum Donations scheme that is run by the Jersey Government, we are able to claim an additional 25p in every £1 on all donations we receive that are over £50 and from Jersey individual tax payer. More information on the scheme can be found here.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Establishing long-term partnerships with businesses is instrumental in ensuring the effective planning and fund distribution for projects within the local community. It enables us to build capacity and provide the best level of support to organisations.

    The benefits of working with the One Foundation include:

    • giving your brand a profile within sport, education and culture projects for the local community.
    • demonstrating a pro-active corporate social responsibility element to your organisation.
    • building customer and employee loyalty.
  • OneHelp

    What is OneHelp?

    OneHelp offers professional advice and strategic support free of charge to individuals, teams and community projects through the One Foundation.

    Who is involved?

    Professional members can include surveyors, architects, consulting engineers, accountants, solicitors, consultants (management, property and IT), public relations, marketing and design agencies.

    How is it managed?

    OneHelp is run by the One Foundation, which has a team responsible for identifying suitable opportunities and developing future strategies and objectives.

    What will my business be asked to do?

    Your business will be asked to provide a specific amount of free professional support each year. There is no pressure to take up any assignment.

    What sort of projects will my business be asked to support?

    Professional businesses undertake one-off assignments which might include feasibility studies, structural surveys, marketing and business plans, legal and accountancy advice, property valuations, project plans, planning applications, website design etc. The guiding principle is that OneHelp members give their business time, and assignments should be treated no differently than an instruction from a commercial client.

    What sort of groups might my business be asked to support?

    Individuals, teams and community projects requesting support from OneHelp have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, which restricts the service to those who:

    • have a track record of working within the local community
    • are locally constituted
    • are unable to pay for professional services

    What does your support mean to the community?

    The practical advice and support offered through OneHelp is invaluable in helping individuals, teams and community projects achieve their goals and sustain them on a long term basis. A little support given when and where it is needed most can make a real difference.

    Why businesses belong to OneHelp

    Being part of OneHelp provides businesses with:

    • OneHelp does not take on audit work and does not support litigation, animal welfare or religious groups.
    • a source of quality pro bono opportunities
    • the opportunity of networking with other professional businesses who are committed to social responsibility
    • the opportunity for employees to sharpen their skills in a different environment
    • a caring profile and a positive CSR presence